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"It is my pleasure to join my New Castle neighbors in singing the accolades of Bob Godwin’s Gym, which I joined in late July. I retired from UD the end of June at age 70, and discovered without the 9-to-5 structure I was aimless, adrift and lethargic. My retirement plans required energy to initiate and I was mentally and physically unable to muster any enthusiasm. Bob Godwin, whose praises I’ve heard from friends and neighbors since moving to New Castle three years ago, is a consummate professional whose commitment to personal training is an extension of the lifetime of service. After a very thorough evaluation and medical recommendations from my physicians, Bob designed a regimen to build my core strength and increase stamina. The gym is fully stocked with state-of-the-art equipment I recognize like treadmills, weights, I’m learning about cowbells, and things I look forward to becoming acquainted with. Appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday, and the training is personal and attentive to form and safety. I begin most weekdays at Godwin’s Gym, which energizes me to pursue the goals I planned for my retirement. I already feel more energized and look forward to increased strength. I am happy to recommend the gym to anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental concentration." 

-Linda Grant

"Bob Godwin knows his stuff! Bob is professional, knowledgeable, and personable. His workouts are never the same, so you stay interested and keep coming back for more. I look forward to my sessions and I know you will too."


"I joined Godwin’s Fitness Club three months ago, and have already seen such an improvement in my health. Through Bob’s expertise and guidance, I am fitter and stronger than I have been in a long time and have a new confidence and determination to be a better version of myself. Bob is a true professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and also great fun. He guides us through a variety of individually tailor-made exercises and no two days are the same, which makes the whole experience far more enjoyable. He is an inspiration and I genuinely look forward to working out every morning." 

-Jude Morrow

"I worked out with Bob while I was visiting family in New Castle from the UK. Every workout was different, and he made me feel very welcome at the gym. I have loads of new exercises to try when I get home, and Bob's passion and enthusiasm have made me excited to continue my fitness journey back in the UK!"

-Clare Morrow, Leeds, England

"I have been working out regularly at Godwin's Fitness Club for a year and a half, and it is ideal for a person like me.  I'm 70, and have had other gym memberships.  This one is different because Bob takes a personal interest in you, tailors your exercises to your needs, doesn't let them get stale, and observes you carefully.  You perservere because you stay motivated and you have confidence in him and in yourself.  It's a great way to get fit.

-Mike Buckley

"Gymtimidation'  kept me away from other fitness facilities, but the supportive atmosphere at Godwin's has me on my way to reaching my fitness goals.  With one-on-one attention from Bob and the encouragement of other members, I am now able to maintain a regular work out regimen.  Godwins has strengthened my commitment to a healthier lifestyle."
- Patty
"Fortunate is the person who has discovered Godwin's Fitness Club. Bob Godwin is a highly professional, competent physical trainer who is caring and sensitive enough to know which regimen of exercise to follow, and set you on a path to achieve physical fitness - whatever your ability or disability or goal will allow.  Aside from all this, Bob has an infectious positive attitude which makes anyone want to achieve their own goal."
- Don Almquist
"Working out with Bob Godwin is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  It is fun, entertaining, and my wife and I are very pleased with the results.  I look and feel better. "
-Tom Maddux, New Castle, DE
"Bob was very careful to make sure he understood injuries, issues and even medications that I was on before he tailored a routine for me. He watches and adjusts as necessary to ensure I don't become injured or unable to work out the next day.
It's great to know he has my back (and my knee and my ankle...!)"
- Susan Orchard, New Castle, DE
"If you are willing to work hard and follow Bob's plan, you will have great results both physically and mentally. Give Godwin's Fitness a try."
-Jo Moore, New Castle, DE
"There’s a unique atmosphere in Bob’s gym that makes me look forward to coming every day. He uses hard work, his great personality and humor to motivate everyone who shapes up here. "
-Kathy D. 

"Going to Godwin's Fitness is nothing like what I thought personal training would be.  Bob certainly knows his stuff. We work really hard, have a lot of fun, and I feel better than I have in a lot of years. You can't argue with that."
                                                                                              - Terry Gormley, New Castle, DE
"Godwin’s Fitness is a well-organized gym, which has a  great variety of  workout equipment.  Bob ensures his clients receive personal attention and he creates individualized workouts for them.  The atmosphere is congenial, and there is good camaraderie among his patrons.   Working out with Bob is a good way to start or end the day."
                                                                                              - Jean and Ron Norvell, New Castle, DE
"...a place for shared goals and the blessing of new friendships!  All under Bob's special one-of-a-kind teaching styles."
                                                                                               -Sandra Beale, New Castle, DE
"We have been going to Bob for 5 years, now, and we continue to benefit from the workouts
and the time spent there. We highly recommend going to Godwin's!"
-Bill and Judy 
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